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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  June 5, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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and the doors swing open at buckingham palace to a rare event involving the queen. as her historic jubilee celebration draws to a close. hello, everybody. >> news ringing church bells, artillery salutes, all part of this day. cheering crowds said "god save the queen." they greeted her today open this last day of the jubilee celebration, honoring 60 years on the throne. the queen says she's humbled by the experience. anabelle roberts shares some of the highlights. >> reporter: today was about ceremony and respect. there was a service of thanksgiving at the cathedral attended by many members of the establishment. after that, the queen went through the streets in her carriage, with well wishers waving and cheering. in the public event, with the
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fail-safe of every great royal event, the wave from the balcony. along with the closest members of her family, waving at the thousands of well wishers on the streets. >> the events that i have attended to mark my diamond jubilee have been a humbling experience. it has touched me deeply to see so many thousands of families, neighbors and friends celebrating together, in such a happy atmosphere. >> reporter: but, of course, one figure has been missing throughout today, and that is prince philip, the duke of edinburgh. he's been at the queen's side throughout the 60 years of her reign. what great sadness that he could not be there today. he's currently hospitalized with a bladder infection. he's staying in again overnight. doctors say he should be home before too long. so this brings to a close four days of celebrations to mark this extraordinary landmark 60 years on the throne. a diamond jubilee that everyone here will most certainly remember.
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anabelle roberts, nbc news, london. news 4 is in london. we'll have reports on news 4 at 5:00 and 6:00. allegations of sex abuse. today, jury selection began. in the jerry sandusky trial. lawyers are tasked with seating an impartial jury with members who have not already formed an opinion about the former football coach's guilt or innocence. brian moore has the story now from bella font, pennsylvania. >> reporter: day one of jury selection in sandusky's sex abuse trial. the former penn state coach appeared subdued. >> at one point, the judge reminded the jury pool why they were there. he said "i need you to all have an open mind. this defendant is charged with a sexual abuse of children. at that point, jerry sandusky looked down and did not make eye contact with anybody. >> reporter: this was the start of what could be a difficult narrowing process.
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more than 200 people divided into groups of 40 and questioned by the judge. >> when he asked the jurors where they worked, 14 indicated they are employed by or retired from penn state. then, they were asked if any knew san kusky personally and four people held up cards. >> reporter: he faces 52 criminal accounts for the alleged abuse of ten boy, some on the penn state campus, some members of a charity for at risk youth. despite intense media coverage the judge decided jurors will be allowed to come and go from their own homes. >> he said he's trusting them to not be sec questored. he said, the people selected to be jurors in this case hold justice in their hands. >> reporter: the first steps in what could be a long road to justice. if the court cannot find enough suitable jurors here, they'll have to look to a neighboring county, delaying what is already expected to be a week's long trial. brian moore, nbc news, bell font, pennsylvania.
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shooting suspect george zimmerman will remain in jail till a new bond hearing is set. it now appears that won't happen right away. his attorneys announced on his website they're delaying a request for a new bond hearing for at least a couple weeks. they did not give a reason for the delay. zimmerman turned himself into authorities last sunday after his original $150,000 bond was revo revoked. he's charged in the death of trayvon martin. accused of causing a dui crash that killed a little boy. police say the 22-year-old was drunk when he drove his car off duke street near i-395 last january. the car hit 8-year-old brian hernandez chavez who was walking with his mom. the mother recovered from her injuries. we will have a live report on news 4 at 5:00. guests at a howard county hotel got an unexpected wake-up call late last night.
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they were ordered to evacuate their rooms while police arrested five people suspected of operating a meth lab. police were notified about the lab at the holiday inn express around 11:00. someone reported smelling smoke and an unusual odor come from a room on the fourth floor. >> got woke up by the fire department about a quarter to 12:00. he said they had a hazmat situation, come downstairs. third floor got to go back in around 1:30 this morning. they escorted us back upstairs about 4:00 this morning. >> hotel guests had to be eva evacuated because police feared the building might explode. no one was injured last night. all five men arrested are facing a number of drug charges. police are looking into what led to a fiery crash in montgomery county, it happened around 1:00 this morning around route 28 near dickerson. police tell us a vehicle left the road and struck a railroad
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bridge overpass. that caused the car to burst into flames. witnesses were able to rescue the passenger of the car but the driver died at the scene. that passenger, oscar martinez, of german town, is hospitalized today in serious condition. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. new immigration enforcement program begins today in the district. it's called secure communities. under this program, fbi agents will share information with immigration authorities and with local police. but city leaders are not happy with this program. megan mcgrath explains why. >> reporter: the relationship between the police and the immigrant community. d.c. lawmakers are concerned the secure communities program will upset the delicate balance. >> because people who are afraid they'll get caught up in the immigration system are then afraid to report crimes. that means that criminals can commit crimes and it doesn't get reported to the police. >> reporter: under the secure communities program, the fbi automatically sends a
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fingerprint of persons arrested to immigration and customs enforcement known as i.c.e. i.c.e. determined whether that person should be deported. while district leaders would like to get out of the program altogether, they can't. this counselman is introducing emergency ledge lation that would place restrictions on how long someone is held and for what type of crime. >> what we're doing is we're seeing if i.c.e. wants us to detain somebody on what's called a civil detainer, that we'll only do it for 24 hours, and we'll only do it if the person has a proven record of violent crime. >> reporter: while district leaders don't like the program, i.c.e. sees things differently. they say the program only applies to people who have been arrested for other crimes. they also say more than 39,000 hard-core criminals like murderers and rapists have been deported sis th eed since this
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began. another cool day out there. we're looking at a chance for some rain drops too. >> meteorologist veronica johnson in the storm center with the latest. >> a lot more clouds than rain drops. we're just about two hours away from the big event. we've been talking about it for days. venus is going to transit the sun but we're going to be challenged by these clouds. and there's quite a few out there right now. a mostly cloudy sky currently. we look toward the washington monument. you can see on satellite and radar a little better how these clouds go down to the south for st. mary's county and for parts of the northern neck. just a few less cloud covers down there. as far as showers go, they're around i-81. more clouds really than showers. 59 now. wind out of the east at 8 miles per hour. dew point temperature right now pretty low. you can see a little clearer where those showers are, south of strassberg, headed toward
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winchester and toward laray area if they're able to hold together but we have been on the cool side again. 523 56 in frederick. our april-like weather continues in june. after, remember after we had that july type of weather in may. so quirky is our weather. isolated showers for 7:00 p.m. as we head down to the mid-60s. as we look at our forecast, dry morning coming up. we'll talk about how much longer we're going to have this april-like weather sticking around in june. coming up in a couple of minutes, guys. >> thanks, veronica. when news 4 continues, food for thought. and old way of meal sharing makes a comeback with a twist. love in the jungle. a new take on television dating. and hollywood celebrating the queen down through the years. ♪
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mary-kate and ashley olsen are back in the spotlight today. the famous twin stars took home a big award in the fashion world. the olsens were selected as the country's top women's wear designers for their collection called the road. it happened at the council fashion designers of america awards in new york city last night. the twins began the luxury apparel and accessory and were brand back in '07. whitney houston's mother is writing a memoir about her daughter's life and death. sissy houston has signed a book deal. it will tell the, quote, unabridged and unbelievable story of houston's troubled life. the book is scheduled for release in february. one year after whitney houston was found dead in a hotel bathtub. a portion of proceeds will go to her childhood church. the sun's aging power.
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an old tradition becoming relevant again. the science behind why our favorite songs and tv shows just never seem to get old. >> it's time for hot talk with cain of hot 95. this noung new england journal of medicine photo of a man who's been a truck driver for 30 years is proof you need to wear sunscreen behind the wheel. >> with the window up in his truck. that's unilateral determino. what has happened is for 30 years, he's been driving a truck. windows up, windows down. uva rays penetrate through glass. same thing with uvv. they found this out that through driving his left side was exposed to the sun. his right side was not. if that isn't a sign to be wearing sunscreen when you go out this summer, i don't know what is. >> maybe he doesn't see that
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happening. >> it's so -- that's part of the study, it's so gradual. you may not actually see it. especially all over. as it happens to one side of your face, you can see the comparisons. >> a lot of years, a lot of miles. >> a lot of miles behind, yeah, absolutely. >> an old school tradition. from l.a. to philadelphia, we're talking about swapping food. what's up with this? >> when you go to clothing swaps, you trade out the things you don't want. this is the opposite. these are things you absolutely love. pinterest is the new home for bringing this back. you bring a great recipe that you've made and the idea is you set it out and someone will walk up and go, hey, i got this jam, i'll trade you for some pie. there's different themes. you can have an all soup swap. the most popular ones on face book and pinterest are the ones that are this allover eclectic. it's pretty unbelievable. for germo pho o p phobes, i don
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how that is, eating someone else's food. >> kids have been doing this. >> bartering peanut butter and jealousy sagel jelly sandwiches. >> you see your favorite tv show and you can't get it out of your head. now there's a scientific reason some believe that you can't get it out of your head. >> the same reason people go on vacations to the same place. it's the mental imagery of knowing what to expect that has people watching reruns. this is why syndication in television is so big. because you know you like it. you know you're going to get a positive experience out of the tv show. same thing for movies. same thing for music. so if you have a favorite song you love, you -- they found it's american university did the study. five different states that it brings back. one of those is kind of like an nostalgia. >> it puts you in a mood. >> even though you don't like the punch line you still want to watch "seinfeld." >> absolutely. >> the science of reruns.
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there's also some science why we find cartoon villains so distardily. >> find a mirror. right now. take a look at your chin. is it shaped like a triangle? when you -- that's a perfect example right there. when you combine the upside down triangle with the eyebrow that points down towards the nose, they found that it makes you look evil. when you're captain hook, cruella de vil. it puts the dastardly in villain. i made sure, this is rounded as possible. >> you have a friendly face. >> thank you so much. >> you're very welcome. >> cruella cain. >> absolutely. >> thank you. coming up next on news 4 at 4:00, the quest for love is going wild starting tonight on nbc. it is a dating show called love in the wild.
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seven guys and seven girls will be sent into the jungle. they initially picked their partner based on looked but then they get sent on extreme dates. >> advertiser each date, the conteco contestants get to decide if they have better chemistry with someone else. the show's host jenny mccarthy says the contestants really get put through the ringer. >> this show is really unlike the other dating shows, which intrigued me. it's not just put on some shoes and lipstick and try to win over the guy. we put these contestants through horrific adventures. stuff i would never do in a million years on a date. >> premieres tonight at 9:00 here on nbc. >> less stressful dating. >> it looks like it is. >> surprise, the calendar says spring but the weather for some hasn't quite caught up. >> and a close call at a graduation ceremony when a
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we really cooled off today. >> unfortunately, we have a lot of clouds out there. a lot of folks aren't going to be look directy at the sun. for all those astronomy clubs out there, really hope they get some -- >> yeah, that's a big event. >> nothing like the 50s that london has been dealing with, right, the chilly conditions, way over the pond. how about the snow? right here in the u.s.? take a look at this. this is placard county, california. snow is still falling in the california sierra mountains. and these two guys, they took a break from the snowball fight. scatter eed snow showers left several inches. i'm sure that's going to lead to a lot more water in some of the streams and rivers. higher elevations, again, several inches. a little bit of a warm-up. and more snow is expected tonight.
4:23 pm
gees. all right. let's talk about what's going on around here. as far as our temperatures go. we're at 69 degrees. with that east wind. other locations, virginia, at 74 degrees it fredericksburg, virginia, 67 degrees. so a little warmer to the west where there had been some breaks in some of the cloud cover. montgomery county, 65 degrees. fairfax at 66 right now. good afternoon to all you folks. look at all the clouds that have been moving through. from north to south. that's because we still have the area of low pressure off the coast. to west of leesburg, those will be passing. the showers around kaiser will be moving toward the southeast towards wardensville and i6-81. the cool side, 60s today. so much cloud cover across the area. we'll have to deal with this for two more days.
4:24 pm
unsettled conditions. with a bit more sunshine. that's our pattern with this flow wrapping around. tomorrow morning is looking dry. we have showers and an isolated storm. even more coming our way for thousands. we have more sunshine around the area. 75 is your high tomorrow. a chance of an isolated storm. what's changed from yesterday is that thursday's looking like the day when we could get most of our rain. as we take it up to around 80 degrees. 82 for friday. 87 for saturday. the weekend is looking fantastic. and we're going to take another look at the second half of the weekend coming up in a few. >> not bad. thanks, veronica. the happiest place on earth is soon to become a healthier place. the first lady joined disney's ceo at the museum to announce new initiatives to help combat childhood obesity.
4:25 pm
>> with stricter guidelines for food, reducing the amount of sodium and saturated fat. and in a few years, disney's tv and radio programs for children will no longer include ads for junk food. the first lady calls the changes a game changer for the health of our kids. still to come on news 4 at:00, continuing coverage of the final day of the queen's jubilee. we'll show you her royal highness and how she's been played by hollywood over the years. >> that's not really her. and lines are reportedly extremely long and p in wisconsin today where that recall vote against the governor may be a bell weather for the presidential race.
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>> here's what's happening. jury selection began today in the sandusky sex abuse trial. the former penn state assistant football coach is charged with molesting ten boys. attorneys spent the day questions 200 potential juror, many of whom said they either worked for penn state or new sandusky personally. opening statements are set to begin next monday. five people have been arrested and are accused of running a possible meth lab out of howard county hotel. police were called to the hotel last night because of an unusual odor. they evacuated most of the guests and they found a possible meth lab in a room on the fourth floor. no one was injured. the crowds are gone in the streets of london are quiet again now that queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee is officially over. this was the final it a of the four-day celebration. while the event has ended, there's one group that will continue to honor the queen for years to come. we're talking about the
4:30 pm
hollywood crowd that loves to depict the queen on the big screen. nbc has more on that. >> reporter: queen's jubilee has played big in hollywood because tinseltown royalty has always loved the real thing. helen mirren won an oscar as a steely elizabeth confronting a cultural sea change with prime minister's tony blair's help following the death of princess diana. this actor won an oscar playing george vi. inspired by fighting against a stutter. >> listen. >> reporter: of course, hollywood has also played it for laughs. leslie nielsen saving her highness from an assassination attempt. and in austin powers gold member, the hero, played by mike
4:31 pm
myers, knighted for his exploits. >> your father must be very proud of you. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: but one only crown drawn to the hotline of celebrity through diana. lady gaga, madonna, jim carrey, bette midler, el mcpherson. in fact, such is the queen's own celebrity that look-alikes have made a good living playing the role. >> it's not gone to my head. only my heart and my tiaras. >> reporter: late in her reign, the queen finds herself or her image used more than ever. from what a girl wants to agent cody bank, a pivotal figure
4:32 pm
around which comedy or drama plays out. >> hollywood is all about status and whose on top. they have someone in england, a woman who actually can outrank them all. >> reporter: an actual moment. for the briefly anointed queen or king for the day. nbc news, los angeles. >> style columns are already buzzing over the outfit worn by the duchess of cambridge. she dazzled in a nude-colored lace dress by alexander mcqueen. kate seems to prefer the british fashion empire. her wedding dress was designed by sarah burton for alexander mcqueen. prince william wore a mourning suit to the day's service. >> news 4 is in london. he'll have reports coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. votes are being cast in an election that will decide
4:33 pm
whether wisconsin's governor keeps his job. it could keep as a preview for november's showdown between president obama and mitt romney. >> they lined up to vote in wisconsin. in a recall election that's polarizing even family. >> it's difficult. my father was a teacher and we are divided. >> protests of the recall election were, spaed when teachers and other public employees in wisconsin were forced to pay more for medical care and pensions. their unions weakened by republican governor scott walker who said the state was going broke. he's hoping to save his job today. >> for us, i think turnout's key. not only republicans and conservatives but i think independent. >> reporter: both parties watching wisconsin. >> nationally, it will tell us whether wisconsin is a rebound for trepublicans in the
4:34 pm
industrial midwest. >> reporter: the president needs wisconsin votes too badly in november to take sides this week. he was with bill clinton, raising money in new york city. the glittery part. >> it is good to be back on broadway. >> reporter: with the beautiful people who back his plan to cut spending and hike taxes on them. >> folks who can afford it like the two of us to pay a little bit more and some of you too so don't chuckle. >> reporter: mitt romney is in texas today. >> that's what i'm going to do if i'm president of the united states is get people working again. >> reporter: but romney tonight and the president to get a feel for how their battle's going will look to wisconsin. some are calling it the second most important election of 2012. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. and in california, the sponsors of a gay marriage ban wants the supreme court to decide the case.
4:35 pm
voters approved the ban in 2008. earlier this year, a three-judge panel on the court of appeals struck it down, saying it violates the 14th amendment. today the full court announced it will not reconsider the ruling. backers of prop 8 say they'll ask the supreme court to take up the case. details today revealed in the arrest of an adult film star in custody in a murder case. >> an auto recall over an air bag issue that could harm young children.
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4:44 pm
talking about. is it that rare? it is. there's only been six times where venus has transited the sun. only six times over last 400 years since telescopes were invented. you don't want to look directly at the sun, try to look indirectly. sometimes that means being creative and finding an way to be more reflective with the image. a lot of astronomy clubs are out there. we get a chance to start that at 6:00. coming up at 6:00, we hope to have a live feed for you from nasa that will show what it looks like in case -- well, in case you aren't fortunate enough to get out. winchester, west of winchester, sliding down to the southeast. again, very, very spotty showers. that really is the story for the overnight. shower chances here for the overnight, into tomorrow morning. it's looking dry as opposed to
4:45 pm
this moring where we had a few light showers. partly cloudy sky for tomorrow morning. watch what happens. we fill back in. we fill in a lot with these, between, widely scattered showers. maybe isolated thunderstorms coming our way. nothing severe for the next two days. 6:00 a.m. thursday. same deal. we've got a few breaks. that's just it. that's why we've really got a better chance coming ur way. because more sunshine. better chance to heat up. better chance to get some thunderstorms brewing through the afternoon. it warms up at the surface. cooler air aloft. so that contrast helps to create some of that thunder. for tomorrow morning, at the bus stop, 54 degrees in ned rifrede maryland. some of those spots just west of us this morning in martinsburg. 60 though in fredericksburg for tomorrow morning. your high temperature, 74 degrees around olne.
4:46 pm
75 in d.c. 76 degrees in fredericksburg, with a 30% chance for some showers and maybe even a few thunderstorms. here's a look at the next four days for you. we are going to be warming up. so we're going to flip that pattern and go from cool to not just warm but to hot. really starts warming up at the end of the week and the weekend. 87 degrees for a high temperature. so we move out of the rain for wednesday and thursday. dry conditions for friday with partly sunny skies. maybe even mostly sunny, some areas. very nice, in fact, pleasant. but then not so pleasant for the second half of the weekend and the early part of next week. we're going to have sunshine around here but it is going to turn humid again. we do not like humid when we have higher heat. 90 degrees again on sunday. 92 for monday. 90 degrees coming our way for the midpart of next week as well with a chance of maybe some showers and storms back this time next week.
4:47 pm
>> all righty. >> thanks, veronica. it was supposed to be the picture perfect moment at a high school graduation. in florida. instead,' fireworks display went wrong. >> one of the fireworks detonated under some bleachers filled with hundreds of people. >> reporter: parents were told ahead of time, have your cameras ready for an amazing choreographed dance and fireworks at baker county high's graduation. but no one was expecting a bang like this. >> i couldn't hear. >> reporter: mike was sitting just feet away from the explode friday night. >> it looked like it blew up right here. >> reporter: one landed on the sidewalk in front of the bleachers. six people were injured but it could have been much worse. >> it's -- could have hit a stroller or someone's -- near someone's head. it's an explosive. it's designed to blow up.
4:48 pm
>> reporter: a firefighter actually lit the fireworks. but instead of exploding in the air, one turned toward the crowd. >> it is basically the nature of the fireworks. we've never had one do anything like this. >> reporter: now folks are left with minor injuries and pictures show iing more than a happy graduati graduation. he shot this one showing rescue workers he's now showing to friends. >> that's incredible, how did you guys not get carted off either with a body bag or, you know, to the hospital? >> scary stuff. paramedics at the scene were able to treat those who were injured. no one was taken to the hospital. >> that's a good thing. coming up on news 4, the little guys are doing it. now some of the bigger airlines are looking at adding new fees. we'll tell you what for. i woke up with this horrible rash on my right side.
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an intense burning sensation like somebody had set it on fire. and the doctor said, cindie, you have shingles. he said, you had chickenpox when you were a little girl... i said, yes, i did. i don't think anybody ever thinks they're going to get shingles. but it happened to me. for more of the inside story, visit
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some airlines are considering charging passengers for carry-on bags. "the new york times" reports some of the larger airlines are now considering following the lead of alaska airlines which is already charging $25 for oversirzed carry-on bags. spirit airlines, allegiance airlines, charge to stash carry-ons in everheoverhead bin. air passengers started taking bags in 2008 when airlines imposed fees on check bags. a recall from kia. the automaker recalling 7,3,000 rios because of an air bag problem. the national highway safety traffic administration says the cars are designed for the air bags not to deflate if a child is in the front seat but they say a sensor mat can crack, failing to detect a child. it affects models from '06 to
4:53 pm
2008. kia will replace the sensor free of charge starting next month but they say they don't know of any injuries stemming from the problem. still ahead on news 4, new details in the case of the adult film star in custody now on murder charges. >> be sure to follow news 4 search nbc washington on facebook and we're on twitter too.
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4:56 pm
the 20-year-old daughter of bruce willis and demi moore has reportedly been busted for drinking in new york city. this is video of scout willis from last year, posted to the website hello an nypd spokesperson says she handed over fake i.d. when an officer caught her drinking beer last night. she's charged with violating new york's open container law. and with criminal impersonation. no word on what her famous parents think. we're learning more about the arrest of a porn star from canada who is accused of killing his roommate and then posting pictures on the internet. police arrested him at an internet cafe in europe. a warning now that some of the details about this case are disturbing. nbc's jim aseda reports. >> reporter: german police arrested this person on monday. an employee tipped them off
4:57 pm
after wrerecognizing interpol's most wanted man. >> the news about himself glorified himself and we believe is what brought him down. >> reporter: the man, 29, whose real name is eric clinton newman, is accused of killing, dismembering, even cannibalizing the corpse of june lynn, a 33-year-old chinese student he dated in montreal. police believe body parts mailed to canadian political parties belonged to june. so was a torso found in a suitcase. inside his residence, police uncovered human blood on a mattress, the floor, the refrigerator. the police dragnet spread to paris where police say the man stayed at this hotel and frequented bars picking up men. then on to berlin. mr. police say he traveled by bus and was tracked down, putting up no resistance. police confirm based on
4:58 pm
fingerprints this is the man they were looking for. now his extradition back to canada should have been relatively quickly. probably in a couple of weeks. jim maceda, nbc news, reporting from london. now at 5:00, occupy d.c. protesters get into a scuffle with police. >> off the top tonight, a clash on capitol hill between police and protesters trying to keep a woman from being evicted. >> a new twist on a crash that killed an 8-year-old boy. what investigators now tell us the driver was doing moments before the accident. >> a charge of heart after a d.c. councilman gets physical with a reporter. good evening. >> first up tonight, at 5:00, an occupy d.c. protest against foreclosure turns into a physical confrontation. >> both demonstrators and law enforcement officials were hurt during an effort to keep a woman from being evicted. >> pat collins is live at the scene on capitol hill with
4:59 pm
details. pat. >> an eviction. a confrontation. a house here on capitol hill. when they came to evict the residence of this capitol hill home, there was more than just furniture to be moved out. you see, occupy demonstrators were all over the place trying to block the process. but they were way outnumbered by u.s. martials. a lot of marshals. some with big guns. you see, the marshals had to evict the protesters before they evict torres. what led to this? that's a complicated story. you almost have to be a philadelphia lawyer to figure this one out. living in this house, the butler family. ann and her daughter gun you can see by the items on the street they've been here for


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